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High-quality penetration testing, as and when you need it.

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Save Time

Booking traditional pen-tests can be an ordeal. Scoping paperwork alone can take weeks to approve. But with us, you can book a test online in two minutes - not two weeks.

Better Results

Automated scanning tools are failing. Teams of experts, working manually simply find more of the issues that matter. Our approach is always: Bods not bots.

Save Money

Hourly rather than daily billing means you only pay for what you use. Need to call off a test, or change the start date? No problem and no extra charge.

A fresh approach to Pen-testing

We’ve replaced the overhead of traditional consultancies with an online platform. Now you can work with quality-assured pen-testers and it won’t cost the earth.


Manage security seamlessly

See everything in one place - CISOs and IT managers can prioritise and techies have all the detail at hand. Integrate data into existing security management platforms with an API.


Work flexibly

In a hurry? We can begin in 48hrs. Site’s not ready yet? Postpone at no extra cost. Having expertise on-tap means security can become more ‘daily routine’ and less ‘final exam’.


See results in real-time

Instead of waiting a week for a report to arrive, you can see issues as we find them. If you fix them we’ll re-test these issues for free during the testing window – reducing the time to get secure.


Reduce your workload

With no phone calls, signed authorisations or agreements you can eliminate the headache of traditional ethical hacking consultancies. Log on, book it in and get on with what you do best.

Eliminating the overhead

Traditional pen-test consultancies will usually add an extra day to the bill to write the report. However, with real-time reporting, we don’t need to.

So whether you need a one-off test by Friday, or continuous testing of your entire perimeter - we’ll help you get secure at a fraction of the usual cost.

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Rapid on-boarding

Testing can start in 48hrs

We’ll give you a quote down to the hour - no rounding up to the nearest day. That way you'll only pay for what you need.
We'll create a dedicated, secure portal for you to schedule exactly what you want tested and when.
Once you've booked us in, we can get to work in as little as 48 hrs.
You'll see any issues we discover in real time via the portal. You can order retests or print pdf reports with one click.

Total control

Our easy-to-use online interface puts clients back in the driving seat. Now you can schedule pentratation tests as-and-when you need them, and react quickly to reduce risk.

This new flexible approach will change the way you engage with pen-testers. Tests no longer have to be hurried to try and save money. Instead you can build security testing into your team’s workflow.

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Don’t take our word for it

“OnSecurity’s ability to triage security tickets has made the best use of our budget and provided tremendous bang for buck”
Charlie Cooper, Product Manager, Blutui

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