About Us

We're a pen-testing company founded by pen-testers

The model was broken

The idea came to us while working on a long project in the Middle East. As self-confessed ‘nerds’ our conversations always came back to problems with the Pen-testing industry. As we talked, the same fundamental problems kept coming up; antiquated engagement processes, cumbersome scheduling, long waits for even longer reports, and above all, terrible value-for-money.

The model was broken.

So, with time on our hands, we plotted a way to fix it. We would cut out the costly overhead of the middleman and allow clients to work flexibly with experienced, quality-assured pen-testers who wouldn’t cost the earth . We knew that without the financial pressure to cram tests into a couple of days, clients and pen-testers could work together over a longer period to achieve a much deeper level of security.

We built the client interface, recruited associates we respected, pitched our first client and haven't looked back...