Our CEO's 2018 - OnSecurity's year in review

10 Jan 2019 by Dave Hewson Dave Hewson
Dave Hewson Onsecurity's CEO
Dave Hewson CEO & Co-founder of OnSecurity

Looking back

2018 was a fantastic year for OnSecurity - we started out with; a great product, a decent bunch of clients and lots of enthusiasm. Fast forward 12 months and our client base has grown along with our team, (so much so in fact that we had to open a new office in Bristol) and we still haven’t run out of enthusiasm!

Along the way we achieved the coveted CREST accreditation - a lot of hard work but worth it to have CREST acknowledge OnSecurity as a highly-skilled organisation that sticks to a strict code of conduct. Good work team!

Onsecurity Online Portal
Onsecurity's Portal

All the while though, we kept our focus on the core product adding a lightning fast estimation tool so scoping a pentest now takes minutes not days, and allowing clients to directly interact with our pen-testers in real-time via Slack - no more voice mails or email chains.

These features are the result of spending two years listening carefully to our clients and pen-testers to eliminate the pain points of the traditional pen-testing model. So look out for a revamped UX, improved reporting with deep insight into how client’s security posture changes over time and integration into existing dashboard and monitoring platforms (think SecOps).

Looking ahead

2019 is going to be a great year for OnSecurity and our clients and we'd love to have you onboard. Whether you're looking for a new role in an exciting, challenging industry or a new way of delivering on your security testing requirements - do get in touch!

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Dave Hewson

Dave Hewson - OnSecurity Chief Executive Officer

Dave Hewson is CEO and Co-founder of OnSecurity. He has over a decade of pen-testing experience including software development and load & performance testing.