External Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Your external infrastructure will be one of your most targeted attack surfaces. An external infrastructure penetration test is the best way to ensure your external perimeter is secure from attackers that are looking to burrow further into your organisation.

At OnSecurity, our team of experts can provide your business with a penetration testing service which discovers and highlights weaknesses within your organisation’s external infrastructure. Providing you with information which is essential to fortifying your security measures and protecting your business from cyber-attacks, network penetration testing is fundamental to security in today's digital business landscape.

What is Network Penetration Testing?

Network penetration testing is ethical hacking of the external (Internet-facing) network infrastructure that belongs to an organisation. The objectives of this penetration testing service are;

  • Identify unpatched systems

  • Identify insecure systems and services

  • To attempt to breach your systems

  • Attempt to “steal” client data

  • Gain unauthorised access to your systems

External infrastructure penetration testing services can also include an attempt to gain access to your internal computer network from the internet. This replicates the techniques real life attackers use when targeting an organisation.

What are the benefits of a Network Penetration Test?

As part of our penetration testing service, our experts essentially replicate what real-life hackers do, but in a legal framework. In exploiting vulnerabilities through a simulated attack, you can identify weaknesses within your network’s security posture, and therefore take action.

From these attacks, we create reports identifying issues and details of how to fix them. Once you know where your weaknesses are, you can work to resolve the issues and protect your business from real hackers intending to cause harm and steal data. 

What will we find in a Network Penetration Test?

The purpose of a network penetration test is to identify issues so that you can fix them before cyber criminals take advantage of them. Some vulnerabilities which may exist within your network include missing patches and poor firewall, software and operating system configuration.

A network penetration testing report will not only identify these but will also provide recommendations for fixing them. The report will detail;

  • Software which requires patch updates to improve security

  • More optimal operating system configuration suggestions

  • Poor or missing encryption of data in transit.

The knowledge of your network's vulnerabilities puts you in a great place to develop your security measures and better protect yourself against cyber criminals.

How do I book a Network Penetration Test?

Booking one of our penetration testing services with us couldn’t be simpler. There are no phone calls or emails needed, all it takes is for you to answer two quick questions and we’ll get you onto our industry-leading Test:Flow platform.

From here, we’ll have the ability to provide you with an instant online quote for your required service.

We will begin your chosen penetration testing service on the date selected by you and begin reporting our findings as and when we discover them. There is no waiting around for weeks for these to come through, we’ll provide you with the information when we have it ourselves.

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