Physical Penetration Testing

At OnSecurity, we strive to help you not only improve your cyber security but to protect your business from criminal attacks. Cyber criminals, however, are not the only type of criminal that you need to protect yourself from. The physical security of your business is crucial to protecting both your business and employees, which is why we also provide a physical penetration testing service.

What is Physical Penetration Testing?

Physical penetration testing is a simulated intrusion attempt that is designed to identify weaknesses in your business’ physical security. This is different from our other types of testing as the target is not a cyber one, instead, it is your physical location.

Successful and partially successful attempts to break into your premises will highlight vulnerabilities in your physical security which could be exploited by criminals. This is important information which is key to improving your security.

What are the benefits of Physical Penetration Testing?

As a business, you have many valuable assets that need to be protected. If a criminal can penetrate the security of your business premises, they may be able to steal these assets which may include valuable data.

The key benefit of Physical Penetration Testing is to, through simulation, identify your weaknesses in security and assist in rectifying them so that they don’t cause you issues in the future. It can also be used to determine your level of physical controls and staff security awareness, identifying opportunities for improvement. 

What will we find in a Physical Penetration Test?

As part of the assessment, we will provide a report outlining vulnerabilities in your security as well as recommendations to remedy these weaknesses. Using the vulnerabilities outlined and the fixes proposed, you can strengthen your security so that real criminals cannot gain access to your premises the same way our consultants did in our simulated physical penetration test.

Once inside your premises, our consultants will also attempt to further surpass your security and gain access to the computer network at the site. This, again, is done to identify exploitable weaknesses so that you can remedy them before real criminals can take advantage of them. 

How do I book a Physical Penetration Test?

To book a physical penetration test, all you need to do is get in touch. You can do this by calling us on +44 (0) 20 3289 6710 or email us on

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