Web Application Penetration Testing

Your primary web application is one of your most prized assets. A web application penetration test is the best way to ensure your applications are secure from attackers that look to exploit apps to gain access to customer accounts or your sensitive data.

What is Web Application Penetration Testing?

Web application penetration testing is a simulated security test that is designed to uncover any weaknesses in a businesses web application. 

Pentesting will help you to identify vulnerabilities which could be exploited to;

  • Gain access to user accounts

  • Compromise application data

  • Cause reputational damage

  • Damage the web application

All of which can have a huge impact on the web application, your customers and your company itself.

Our CREST-accredited testers use a combination of manual techniques and automated tools in application pentesting, which are used to identify vulnerabilities that real-life attacks are exploiting for financial gain.

What are the benefits of Web Application Pentesting?

Web Application Pentesting simply finds the vulnerabilities before attackers do so that they can be rectified and provide you with the knowledge that your application is safe. If you had a vulnerability on your application right now which could be exploited, would you want to know?

By utilising web application penetration testing in your cyber-security programme, you can save valuable time, money and potential reputational damage.

Our CREST accredited web application testers use a combination of manual and automated techniques to uncover the vulnerabilities automated solutions simply can’t find.

What will we find in a Web Application Pentesting?

There are some common vulnerabilities that we often come across in a test, such as SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting and Cross-Site Request Forgery, to name but a few. However, the OnSecurity testing team looks for the full range of vulnerabilities to ensure you gain complete coverage and get the best value for money.

We will also search for a range of business logic and permissions issues, to ensure that the app behaves as it should, even when used in unexpected ways. These issues can only be identified by a human who really understands how your application should work, and therefore how they can break it.

OnSecurity uses recognised attack classification such as OWASP, CWE and MITRE CAPEC to identify and classify vulnerabilities.

We don’t just consider the larger threats to the business. Instead, we look at all application vulnerabilities, no matter how small, as the smaller vulnerabilities can often be combined or chained together to devastating effect.

Booking your Web Application Penetration Test

Booking a test has never been simpler and quicker and you can do it right from our website - no need for phone calls or email threads.

All you need to do today is answer two quick questions and we’ll get you onto our industry-leading Test:Flow platform where we can give you an instant online quote for our service.

From there, we’ll begin testing on the date that you have chosen and start reporting your findings immediately. No need to wait weeks for feedback or a report, we’ll get it to you as soon as we have it ourselves.

Why Choose OnSecurity?

Better results

Online Portal

Our Test:Flow portal lets you book online and view real-time reports

Save time

Pay Hourly

Only pay for how long we test.

Save money

No Additional Fees

Acquire no additional fees if you postpone or cancel

External infrastructure testing

Manual Pentesting

We use manual testing to ensure quality